Cushman forklifts

The best equipment for your project.

In MAC we effort constantly to offer you an exclusive catalog of forklift equipments, proof of that is the managment of Cushman forklifts equipments in Mexico, with this brand we offer services like:

  • Cushman forklift repair
  • Sale of Cushman forklift
  • Cushman forklift rental
  • Cushman forklift maintenance

Explore our variety of equipment from our other brands:

Ready to have the recharged strength of MAC in your projects

Minute Miser

  • 10 mph maximum velocity
  • 550-lb total capacity
  • Cover of charge with a second folding seat


  • 36V DC power train
  • 4.9-sq-ft cover charge.
  • 5,000-lb y 8,000-lb load capacity

Minute Stock Chaser

  • 9.6-sq-ft cover charge.
  • 1,000-lb useful load
  • Ladder 4 or 6 optional


  • Model for 2 passegers.
  • 4,600-lb load capacity
  • 21.6-sq-ft, 3,000-lb load capacity box.
  • Available with 30 and 48 volts of propulsion system