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Material Handling: its history

Since de beginning of time human beings have had the need to move or transport objects from one place to another, developing different techniques and skills to achieve it. In the present day man has managed to cover this need thanks to the development of different principles (mechanics, pneumatics, hidraulics, electrical and electronics) in such a way that the material handling process today is much more efficient, safe and also quicker.

The efficient way of handling materials:

The objective of an efficient handling of material is to reduce the costs of production, augment the efficiency of the material flux, optimize the use of the facilities, improve safety conditions for all the personnel and facilitate the process of manufacture and increase productivity.

Currently one of the main tools for material handling is the Forklift which was created at the beginning of the 20th century, the forklift is a vehicle used in the industry of moving objects. Since its creation, forklift design has been wide and now is made by several companies.

MAC Montacargas is one of the main companies in México, with 25 years in the industry of material handling.

Currently MAC has available four lines of vehicles for material handling:


With several options in load vehicles that were born to work.


Durable, reliable and innovative. We take your warehouse operations to new levels.


The high quality of Komatsu® products benefits you and your business.

  • JLG:

For projects that require big heights and safety, articulated jigs are an excellent option.

Furthermore Mac has developed several services such as:

Consulting in warehouse design:

  • Complete analysis of your loading needs
  • Equipment rental


Qualified and certified personnel to elaborate preventive and corrective maintenance of equipment with the purpose of making your equipment inversion much more profitable. Achieving a better cost-profit rate.


Wide stock of repair parts for all of your loading equipment, from a simple bolt up to a complete equipment.

Mac has cared about offering integral solutions in material handling, by using experts for warehouse design and to achieve an efficient, optimal and safe operation.

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