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Warehouse Design

Your company is now focused on operative logistics optimization and some of its processes to be reduce are: costs and time in daily operations, to make your Company more efficient, can be done by perfect storage or handling materials.

Storage can be defined as location where different types of products are stored or guarded in a company, for internal use or sale, rent or loan, etc.

Some of the functions of warehousing are:

  • Keep company’s products or goods protected from fire, robbery, wearing or just outdoors factors.
  • Allow/restrict staff access to storage materials.
  • Knowing the exact company stock.
  • Control storage material ins and outs.
  • Product supply cost.  (maximum – minimum).
  • Minimize costs increasing company’s efficiency.
  • Transport stagnant products in warehouse, inputs as well as outputs.
  • Control internal operations of physical and administrative movements.

Experts state that to make decisions regarding your product storage following principles must be taken into account:

  • Warehouses should not be considered as external to the organization.
  • Amounts stored should be reviewed to generate the minimum cost possible; but obviously, evaluating to have enough products to operate.
  • Storage location must be the one which requires less effort for functioning:
  • It must be used the greatest available area, by using the maximum available storage volume.
  • Internal transport, which depends on distances and frequency of movements.
  • Movements, reaching a better utilization of available resources and full load utilization. d. Risks, it must be considered that environmental and safety conditions considerably increase personal productivity.
  • Warehouse should be as flexible as possible to adapt to time changing requirements.

Warehouse Design:

To consider a warehouse to be optimally designed to operate, it must fulfill these 5 features:

  • Materials reception area
  • Materials received storage area
  • Storage area
  • Output control department or responsible (output control and shipping)
  • Output area

Therefore, warehouse designing should be technically analyzed to obtain the best performance. A suitable design will help your company to substantially improve your operative logistics, it would clearly positively affect your company finances.

If you need more information for your warehouse, please contact us, and we will advise you.



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