Hawker batteries

The best equipment for your project.

In MAC we effort constantly to offer you an exclusive catalog of forklift equipments, proof of that is the managment of Hawker batteries for forklifts in Mexico, with this brand we offer services like:

  • Hawker battery repair for forklifts
  • Sale of Hawker batteries for forklifts
  • Hawker battery maintenance for forklifts

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Ready to have the recharged strength of MAC in your projects


  • Each of our batteries is fully charged before they ever leave factory.
  • Every cell of every battery receives a uniform temperature-controlled acid bath.
  • PowerPlus Formation System: Our revolutionary formation system uses an acid recirculation and two shot forming process.
  • Our batteries are subjected to significantly lower temperatures, which results in longer battery life

Energy Plus®

  • When your operations depend on a heavy-duty battery.
  • Energy Plus® is specifically designed to stand up and deliver in the most demanding environments.
  • If what you need is a battery that can operate under extreme conditions then Energy Plus® is your best option.
  • Energy Plus® is the battery that can keep them moving faster and working more.