JLG Forklifts

The best equipment for your project.

In MAC we effort constantly to offer you an exclusive catalog of forklift equipments, proof of that is the managment of JLG forklifts equipments in Mexico, with this brand we offer services like:

  • JLG forklift repair
  • Sale of JLG forklift
  • JLG forklift maintenance

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  • Environmentally friendly: zero emissions.
  • Accessibility: Upper and top access, optional boom.
  • Productivity: get more work done with the long work cycles.
  • Maneuverability: Over uneven surfaces with the option of automated traction control.
  • Versatility: Three platform heights and options of jib and no jib. Three wide chassis' to adapt to any workspace, electrical or multi fuel.


  • More noiseless, cleaner operation on several environments.
  • Accessibility: Upper and top access, optional boom.
  • 200% more battery useful life.*
  • Tight turning radius for better handling.
  • Electrical operation and built-in components with only two hydraulic hoses and four hydraulic installations in the entire equipment, reducing operative costs, leaks and technical service calls.

*Compared to competence models of similar conditions, results may vary.